Birthday Bliss!

On Saturday - it was my birthday. I'm officially fully submerged into the "early twenties" - feels awesome!.... This post is merely to reflect upon how grateful I am to have SOO many beautiful people in my life! Ummm... I am EASILY the luckiest girl on the planet. All day I was surprised and treated and loved by family members, old friends, new ones, snowflakes, mini eggs, blues music, wine, and dancing! Geeze! Also, a special thank you to Holger Peterson for playing a song of mine in his "Natch'l Blues" Program over CKUA Radio Network. 

Life is goooooooooooood!!!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon (Feb. 29th) - I'll be singing and playing keys live for CBC's Radio Active Program at the University of Alberta Campus. A proper mix of live music and radio streaming! Tune in to 93.9FM (local to Edmonton, AB) at 3pm OR come hang out and listen at the student union's building.

Also - it's leap year - I'm very happy to spend my extra day of 2012 singing! 

A massive thank you to everybody for all the big birthday wishes and love,
My heart is so warm!

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