Couch Concert Series - Revelstoke and Vernon

Hello again folks!
The adventures of my couch concert series are still happening at a rapid pace. It's been very interesting being my own "boss" but also adapting to life events that I'm not in control of. On Tuesday afternoon, after I left my Kelowna hosts' home, I still had no place to sleep or play for that evening. But through the connections I had made from the previous night I was able to find a house in Revelstoke to last-minute play a show for. I was greeted very warmly by possibly the coolest laid-back group of snowboard-loving people on the planet. On 4 hour notice, their house was packed with young people eager to meet me and listen! Two folk musicians from the area (Dennis and Maggie) sang a couple tunes as an opening set and set the tone for the rest of the night! Everybody was so generous - I couldn't help but feeling anything but happy from the energy they were giving! The next morning I was hooked up to the local radio station called "Stoke FM" which was built a couple years ago out of some locals' basement. Coolest radio station ever! 

Later on that evening, my next host (Chad!) was late getting off work so he told me to make myself at home and feel free to set-up whenever was convenient... so I drove over to "Front Street" and walked right into an open-door house. I think that's my favourite thing about Revelstoke is the "our-place-is-open-for-you-make-yourself-at-home-everybody-is-your-friend" kind of vibe. Chad's house was beautiful and the invited guests were amazing. There was smiles on everybody's faces the whole evening! We went out to "The Last Drop" Pub following the show and I ended up touring the streets of Revelstoke with a couple "pops" in hand until 6:30am. When I, eventually, found my futon in the basement, I noticed the hundreds of messages markered on the walls left by fellow travellers from around the world who were also hosted by Chad. So awesome!

I left Revelstoke yesterday feeling inspired by the types of people I met and so grateful for the generosity everybody gave! Thank you so much Revelstoke! Can't wait to come back!!

Through the rain I drove back to Vernon getting completely lost in a valley looking for "Kickwillie Loop". My hosts (Megan and Cameron!) were super friendly and kind - they prepared stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip, garlic bread, shish-kabobs, wine.... incredibly more appealing than the cucumber sandwhiches I have been eating from Tim Hortons. The room I played in was by far the most beautiful thus far... huge windows that overlook Vernon's lake and hills. It was fun exchanging stories with Megan about our couch-surfing experiences (her being much more travelled with it than I). The show was good with people continuing to arrive as the night went on. Around midnight I felt pretty drained from the week's trip and went downstairs to sleep on the first "real" bed since I left home. What. A. Treat. Thank you guys so much!

Currently having a coffee in Vernon... Tom Waits' "Ol' 55" song is singing in the air.... Tonight I'm off to Kamloops!
Feeling revived and excited by my collection of memories!
Lots of love,

P.S. If you're reading this TODAY then please tune in to CBC RADIO TWO for a NATIONAL broadcast of a live show I did on CBC Radio in February! It's being aired across the country at 7PM and there are other Alberta artists being featured as well!

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