Downtown Toronto

Hello from Toronto!
I'm sitting in a coffee shop downtown Yonge street and college. Starting to get to know the street names/neighbourhoods in this big town. It's a lot different than home... food/shopping EVERYWHERE. This is my first time in the 'big smoke'.. and it's been amazing so far! My new friend, Richard Flohil, has given me red carpet treatment... he arranged to pick me up from the massive airport... took me straight off the plane to a concert (JD Edwards and his band!) in an underground salon... then lugged my suitcase all the way to the red door of his condo. The man is entertaining as hell and the youngest soul at heart.

On Saturday, Flo took me for a guided tour downtown and we ended up at The Grossman's to listen to a New Orleans band that has been playing there every Saturday for 40 years! The band ripped off the fallboard and baseboard of the old upright to expose the piano's naked hammers and pedals... and then let me sit in with them! I hammered on the keys as if Jerry Lee Lewis was sitting at the back of the bar watching the whole thing!

Sunday, I sang a couple late night tunes at The Supermarket which has such an amazing stage. Every bar I've been to is so cool here. The Java Hut... The Horseshoe... tomorrow night I'll be at Hugh's Room.. Thursday at The Cameron House... next week Massey Hall.. I'm so excited! Last night I visited a venue called Musideum which is GORGEOUS. Donald Quan runs this venue that has live music 7 nights a week...... instruments from around the world lining every inch from the ground to the roof... and a BEAUTIFUL grand piano that I got to play a bit. There is nothing that I miss more, when I'm gone, than playing piano. I shoulda fell in love with the blues harp instead so I could keep it in my pocket at all times but alas I will forever be attached to the orchestra at my fingertips. 

Tonight I'm gonna move over to Kensington market and check out some shows in that neck of the woods. So far, my favourite thing about Toronto is how much is happening all the time; there's no shortage of things to do. I have to make decisions every day about what to see and not see because there is some band howling out the doors of every venue downtown. 

I'm feel so happy and blessed... I'm living the life that allows me to hang in some of North America's biggest musical hubs. And I am SO grateful for the friends helping me out and how excited they are to show me how much they love Toronto.

I'm here for a couple weeks so let the adventures roll on.

p.s. Last Saturday I played the most amazing show with my full band in my hometown at The Shell Theatre. It was true rockstar/royal treatment. I have live footage to share...... soon! So stay tuned! Here's a little shot from the evening:

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