Fancying February

Good morning!
Actually - I should say good afternoon as I was up at 6am joining the glorious indoor world of YMCA workouts (yes - I have still been going!).
I just wanted to write a note sharing my excitement for the upcoming week! Tomorrow evening, my band and I will be performing a show that has been booked for nearly 10 months. It's my first show in my hometown, and I will be playing the same piano that I heard Oliver Jones dazzle in October 2010! It's going to be an interesting dynamic because the audience will be seated on stage (with a bar!) surrounding my trio. Intimate or what?
Following that show, the three of us are headed to Camrose to perform in a festival known as "The Frozen Rose Blues Festival" - which I am carrying happy butterflies for because Camrose is another home to me. Life-long friendships were built and bizarre memories were made over the wild and intense couple years I spent there; it always excites me to give some love back to the community through sharing my music. 
Then, on Tuesday, the guys and I are driving to the auspicious town of Lougheed - never have I been before - but I was invited to sing on their community hall stage for their Valentine's Day dinner!

Lastly, on the rare day of February 29th, I will be singing and participating in a live interview for CBC Radio Active One to be held at the U of A Campus. The details are still to be delivered - but keep your eyes posted for more news on this.

February - you are proving to be a beautiful month!
With love,

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