Good Morning Autumn....

As the leaves begin to change colour, so do I. September invites us to nurture the farewells to warmth and greenery and embrace the coming of crisp air and bright skies; September reminds us that change is inevitable but the loss of summer will only be temporarily felt. The gold in the trees suggests that life is a ring and the beautiful falling of leaves only prepare us for the coming of spring again. It is difficult to leave behind summer and all that it brings, but through accepting autumn we are enabled to climb through the following season with new found hope and glow. To let go of loss is to heal in the arms of September.

With that said, I am extremely blessed to have carried out July and August in the fashion I did. Touring with my band through cherry orchards, mountain lodges, artsy stages, and Kootenay lakes was an idea that is now a dream-like memory! I'm so grateful for all the support that was given to my band and I on our first Western Canadian tour. On top of making music in some of the most beautiful places in Canada, I spent the rest of my summer performing and attending many music festivals. Singing to crowds of smiling faces outside in the sun, walking bare-foot on grass, filling my ears with music and tales of other musicians, green-onion cakes.. (ha!)… I couldn't be much happier spending my time doing anything else. One of my summer highlights was performing during the Canmore Folk Music Festival. On the last evening I shared the stage with all the other musicians, stood next to Bruce Cockburn, and sang Ian Tyson's "Four Strong Winds" with the thousands of people attending the festival - right in the heart of the mountains. Pretty powerful.

My biggest project this fall is recording a full-length album with my band. Adam, Paul, and I have begun doing ground-work in terms of tightening arrangements and developing new musical ideas with each other. My aim is to begin recording, live off the floor, early October. I'm really excited to begin the project! Thus far in my career I have released a five-track EP, but to produce a record that essentially documents this point in my life is fuelling my drive to continue the path I'm on as a musician.

As for this afternoon, I think I'll walk around the farmer's market and let whyte ave suggest things to me from there….

Happy autumn!

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