International Songwriting Competition

Good afternoon!
So.. typically I am morally against the idea of "competitions".. "battle of the bands"... "contest".. etc as a musician..... Music is so completely subjective and displays an incredible amount of honesty and vulnerability that I don't believe in the idea of creating a structure where musicians are compared and competing. HOWEVER - I offhandedly submitted a track to the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) last September due to the fact that there's a chance my music could be heard by celebrity judges! (This year's judges include Tom Waits, James Cotton, Jeff Beck, Kelly Clarkson, Lucinda Williams.. and tons of others!)

Last night I received an email stating that I am a finalist in the "Performance Category". I am one of 13 others, in my category,  that made it through 16,000 submissions from all around the world. I would like to give a MEGA congratulations to all the other finalists - what a great way  to discover a list of new musicians to listen to! Right now, the finalists are being listened to by the celebrity's - which is the ultimate "win" in my opinion. However, in the meantime there is another award called "People's Voice" that allows you to vote and support your favourite finalist! To vote for me you'll need to scroll down to where it says "performance" in bold, however, please feel free to listen to/vote for any of the other artists!

Thanks for reading!

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