New Year - New Album!

Hello folks!
Happy New Years! I know we are twenty minutes away from fumbling through February but I sincerely wish that everybody has had a joyful start to 2013! 
I just got home from singing in a quaint Italian wine bar and thought I'd update the ol' "thai-ary" with some plans that have been marinating. 

My biggest announcement is the release of the album that I spent the last few months of 2012 recording and co-producing. You're invited: APRIL 20TH, 2013 in Edmonton's downtown theatre in the basement of the Stanley A. Milner Library!!! There are some details to still be worked out but I promise to inform you all when they are worked out. In the even closer future, I will be releasing a single - so please keep with me here during this "almost" stage! The journey keeps "a-journey'in".

I am also in the midst of planning a couple tours come early spring/summer including another round of the "Couch Concert Series"; this time I intend to hit Vancouver and hang there for a few days! Prior to that tour, I will be playing some local shows that I'm excited for - on March 9th my band and I will be openin' for Vancouver's beat-boxin' CR Avery (who once opened for Tom Waits) (brought together by Catch The Keys Productions) , and on March 16th we will be sharing a double bill with JR Shore in Vegreville's Social Centre (brought together by The Painted Egg Productions). Also - many other shows to catch before, in-between, and after - keep posted for details under "shows"!

On a non-musical note (no such thing as a non-musical note - HA!), I'm wishin' that Mother Nature wasn't treated so poorly because Global Warming's extreme temperature shifts are really hard on my piano hands and, I'm sure, much harder on all the other living things trying to figure out how to handle it.

More later, 
Good night January,

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