Ooooooo lalala I'm going to Kansas City!

Gooood morning to all! 

I'm sitting here in my hometown airport, still shaking a bit thanks to being held up at customs. I forgot that being a musician is super illegal. But actually, I'm feeling really good! My flight for Kansas City is about to scoop me up. This weekend I am showcasing at The International Folk Alliance Conference!!! I believe it is the world's largest folk conference....... with a heavy mix of musicians, music lovers, music believers, music promoters, music engineers, music labels.......
The conference is taking place at the Westin Hotel - and the thing I'm most pumped for are the 'unofficial' showcases. Between 10pm and 3am EVERY night, three floors worth of hotel rooms will be converted into venues. Beds out. Chairs in. Acoustic shows from the artists flooding the city that have flocked from all around the world. I'm pretty stoked to walk down the halls, enter any room, and then hear a new artist... and for people do the same while I'M playing! Also, it's going to be awesome to reconnect with some new friends I made down in Memphis, Toronto, and other places. It's so cool that I keep having these opportunities to connect with the same people even though they live a million miles away. What a life!

Also.. Graham Nash is one of the keynote speakers - that's pretty badass!

Anyways... boarding time is in ten minutes and I'm in need of coffee number two.
Expect some overtired posts over the weekend.


​I'm going to Kansas City
Kansas City, here I come
I'm going to Kansas City
Kansas City, here I come
They got a crazy way of loving there
And I'm gonna get me one


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