Pre-Couch Concert Series

Good evening friends!
I'm writing a note to share with you the exciting project I've been recently working on.

Tomorrow I'm going to embark on what I've titlted my "Couch Concert Series!".... I've been conversing with extremely kind folks over the past few weeks setting up this Couch Concert Tour. The idea is to play a different house each night, with the host inviting their friends/family/neighbours/colleagues/WHOEVER into their home for me to have a unique audience to sing for in exchange for donations and a couch to re-charge overnight on.  SO... It's started!

*** Yesterday afternoon - my full band and I kicked off the series at Filthy's on Whyte Ave.
*** Today -  I drove the hot (over 20 degrees today! Yay summer!) trek down to Calgary to play a Tom Waits Tribute show to a room full of Tom Fans....
*** Tomorrow morning - up bright and early to get the wheels spinning in the direction of Kelowna. It's my first time to the Okanagen. 
The couch concert route is still unwinding and unfolding (like the beautiful road I have been told I will get to drive tomorrow through the mountains) - but the week's plans already feel welcoming!

My car is packed. Keyboard. Dresses. Toothbrush. Rainbow coat. Granola bars. CDs. A lot of shoes.

Feeling exhausted from the weekend's events but looking forward to the morning coffee and the faces I will meet tomorrow evening!

Sweet dreams,

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