"Recorda Me"


October is going to be spent in this secluded and beautiful room underground in Stew Kirkwood's studio Sound Extractor. I am SO excited to FINALLY be recording my first full-length album! Adam, Paul, and I have been jamming, rehearsing, and really delving into the heart of each of my tunes throughout September so we may enter the studio as prepared as possible. I arrived to the studio late last night, after a full day of teaching, to four busy people setting up microphones and building forts around each instrument to barricade the sounds from one another. We moved the piano into the middle of the studio so that I can have clear vision of both Adam and Paul for when we track live off the floor (starting THIS EVENING!).

Everybody had been working hard for a number of hours before I got there... so when I arrived the drum sounds were ready... Stew played me some tracks of how they're gonna sound... and they are SEX-Y!!! ALSO - the piano is 100 years old...  rings with warmth and maturity!! I grew up learning to play piano on an extremely old and tall upright. The piano in this studio is a classier (and in-tune ha!) version of the piano I spent a majority of my years with so I already feel attached to the sounds of the hammers hitting the strings and the squeaks of the bench. It feels so honest. Stew had to put a blanket under my feet to take out the stomping of my heavy foot though haha. I guess there's no reason for me to drum with my feet when I have the amazing Adam on the kit!

So tonight is the first night of tracking......... 
It's so exciting and dream-like to think that the songs I write on my keyboard are now becoming a musical creation with my band in a live setting! I'm sooo grateful to be supported and believed in by the group of people helping me with this project!

More to come later,
Gotta practise,


p.s. This is a picture taken from above the studio - before the forts were fully built.... isn't it cooool!?

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