Tour Madness

Hey there Thai-ary readers! :)

Right now I'm eating a custom made breakfast panini on east Danforth and taste-testing it with 6 different hot sauces haha. This waitress rocks.

I made it to Toronto. In 3 days. I was in Winnipeg Monday morning and rolled in to town last night (Tuesday). It was flippin' nuts. I only ecommend the drive to fellow maniacs who also cruise in a sleep-deprived, vitamin lacking, adrenaline-pumped body. The night before the big stretch, I signed up to Big Dave McLean's blues jam at The Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club in Winnipeg and felt like I was crawling out of The Peg the next morning… leaving on a 4.5 hr "nap"…. 

Other than hurting in the sleep department and fighting against a massively windy rain storm  (at one point while stopping at a fillin' station, my gas nozzle was blown right underneath my car and the only way to grab it was if I knelt down in a deep puddle and reached through the bilge water to grab it… so I did.. came up drenched and cold hahaha. It totally sucked and I was totally laughing) Northern Ontario was gorgeous! The colours out east are SO much more vibrant than the colours out west. On the left side of highway 17, I drove 2,000 km through pumpkin, gold and amber leaves glowing like embers on a bed of red rock. On the right side I had glimpses of Lake Superior's shadowy waters that looked resembled an ocean because you can't see anything in the horizon but water and the waves crash up to the rocks on the shore.

I'm very excited for the rest of my tour. I've just started what's going to be my longest time on the road. 
Tonight - I'm presented by The Toronto Blues Society at The Jazz Bistro for their monthly "Hump Day Blues" night!… I hear the grand piano at the venue is super beautiful.

Tomorrow - I enter the madness of the Folk Music Ontario Conference which I anticipate to be a blur of constant music, conversation, and whiskey. :)

Feel free to check out other dates I have coming up!

Bye for now,
xo JT

p.s. I want to give a shout out to one of my best friends - Laura Swankey - for waiting up for me last night, for having a warm bed made for me when I arrived very much gremlin-like last night, and for giving the most loving hug when I made it to the door! You are SO giving and I'm very inspired by you.

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