Treadmill Trials

I did it - 6 am this morning (I don't think I have risen before the sun in centuries)... went to the YMCA and bought a one month ticket to Endorphin Surplus. I was excited at first.... it feels good to chase the day at an early hour, but as I entered the gym... I became overwhelmed. SO many high-tech machines with SO many high-tech people using them - at full speed... apparently it's common to be up at 5:30 to sweat until you drop! I've always believed exercise to be free - no? As an out-door runner since junior high (when weather is fair), I've been enjoying the quick shoe-tie-up-out-the-door-fresh-air-feel-amazing runs, but I'm going to give the indoor fees and groaning treadmills a chance.

Despite how it sounds - I'm looking forward to 6am tomorrow.

More later, 

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