Dear Thai-ary

The Most Ridiculous 24 Hours On The Road 

Dear Thai-ary Readers,
Do I ever have a road story for you. I'd like to give you a glimpse of the emotional and geographical journey I just endured less than 24 hours ago.

Let me start with Wednesday evening (two nights ago). I arrived in Sault Ste. Marie, from Toronto, and played a really fun show with some great local players at The Watertower Inn. I lay my head down around 1:30am and woke up pretty early, but refreshed, and ready to tackle my big drive to Winnipeg.. through the states.

With a large coffee…Read more

Maple Blues Award Nomination!!! 

Hiya friends!
I received MEGA exciting news in the past couple weeks. I was playing a show in this unique and strange place right outside of Fredericton (called The Hollywood Starroom - look it up.. I swear.. entering this venue is like walking into what I imagine Los Angeles was like in the 70s..). I was just hangin' out post sound check and my phone kept going 'ding', 'ding', 'ding' as I received a flood of text messages from friends (oh the times we live in...!) who were congratulating me on my Maple…Read more

Tour Madness 

Hey there Thai-ary readers! :)

Right now I'm eating a custom made breakfast panini on east Danforth and taste-testing it with 6 different hot sauces haha. This waitress rocks.

I made it to Toronto. In 3 days. I was in Winnipeg Monday morning and rolled in to town last night (Tuesday). It was flippin' nuts. I only ecommend the drive to fellow maniacs who also cruise in a sleep-deprived, vitamin lacking, adrenaline-pumped body. The night before the big stretch, I signed up to Big Dave McLean's blues jam at The…Read more

New Orleans! 

It's been a major destination point of mine to visit and I finally made it down this past August. 

In the thick of the heat.
(Apparently I was there during the least travelled time of year because the heat is borderline unbearable. Hard to believe though because the French Quarter was still roaring with beer-slingin'-music-lovin' wanderers. What's it like during Mardi Gras!?)

The drive from Denton, Texas to New Orleans was so exciting because I passed nearby cities such as Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and…Read more

The Cameron House 

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to wherever you are reading this in the world!
I made it across Canada, again, for the third time in 5 months. This time, however, I did not spread out my drive/tour like I did last October; I made it from Edmonton to Toronto in 3 days. I woke up in Winnipeg on a Saturday morning and arrived in Toronto on a Sunday evening. Pure madness! Instead of complaining about cramped legs, the shit snowstorm that paralyzed my wheels, and the $300 ticket I was handed, I'd like to make…Read more

Dr. Chit Ari 

It's been a long time since I've online journaled and a LOT has happened since my last entry. Since the last post, I have driven in a tiny civic playing shows across the country, backpacked Thailand, visited Texas, got stuck in Chicago, showcased at Toronto's bi-annual blues summit/attended the Maple Blues Awards, moved into a new house, and showcased at the International Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City. There are plenty-a-stories I'd love to relay of the last 5 months' happenings, and I hope to…Read more

Coffee Shakes 

Well, I'm sitting here in downtown Brandon, MB typing like a cheetah sprinting at full tilt because I just od'd on coffee. That's what I get for chugging, I suppose. But I am feeling GREAT and am BACK on the road! This time, I am going farther and longer than any other tour to date. It's pretty exciting to view this large maple leaf country through the window of my civic with my piano in tow.

First show on tour was two evenings ago in a 100 yr old church in the quaint little town of Wadena, SK. Beautiful…Read more

Summer On Da Road 

It is SUMMER here in Edmonton. I'm pasted to my chair on the upper floor of the tasty Remedy Cafe, sluggin' back water to make up for all the lost sweat thanks to the 6 block walk and the +32 degree July heat. It sure feels good to be spending an afternoon just off whyte ave. It's been a lot of highway burning through mountains, prairies, and west coast for the last month; ironically, the city is offering me a heap of stillness in this moment.

However, I couldn't be more appreciative for the…Read more

Right Before The Road 

This is an entry into my thai-ary from a semi-sane state and healthy energy level.  It's almost 9pm on a Sunday... late June... here in Edmonton.... and I'm currently last minute packing for a series of dates I'm doing in BC with my band. I'm writing now so that there is some small trace of evidence that I was once sane because...

First show...
Tomorrow evening in Kaslo.
Yes - I'm estimating a 13 hr day in the van with two boys followed by a 3 hr show the same night in the Kaslo Hotel. Lucky for me, I LOVE the…Read more

Alberta Primetime 

It's a rainy Wednesday noon here in Edmonton. Lovin' it. When the sky cries I don't feel the need to; the job is taken.

Anyways, I'm gonna share this video that I have been meaning to post into my thai-ary for a few months now. CTV approached me early February with interest to do a story on my music career and time spent in Memphis for the 30th International Blues Challenge.
The guest stars are: My mum!.... (the real star!!), and Rosalynn Ruptash who leads the Edmonton Blues Society as the president!

So, if…Read more
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