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International Folk Alliance Conference 2014 

Oh. My. Gosh.
So no "over-tired posts" (to quote myself) ever hit the internet's stage because there wasn't a single minute wasted during the folk alliance conference. From my lay-over flight to my flight home were continuous moments of over-tiredness, long conversation, no-sleep, power-naps, American beer, nerves, excitement, beer again, and music music music. On my flight from Denver to Kansas City I ended up sitting right next to my friend Carly Klassen, who was going to the conference representing…Read more

Ooooooo lalala I'm going to Kansas City! 

Gooood morning to all! 

I'm sitting here in my hometown airport, still shaking a bit thanks to being held up at customs. I forgot that being a musician is super illegal. But actually, I'm feeling really good! My flight for Kansas City is about to scoop me up. This weekend I am showcasing at The International Folk Alliance Conference!!! I believe it is the world's largest folk conference....... with a heavy mix of musicians, music lovers, music believers, music promoters, music engineers, music labels.......
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Post-Memphis Bluez 

Well folks, last Friday evening at this exact time I was tearin' up Beale Street - singing Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready" (no piano - just me and the mic!) at the jam held by Anthony and the Conqueroos (check 'em out here: they were semi-finalists last year in the IBC.. awesome band and guys!) at The Blues City Cafe. Now, here I am... one Friday evening later.. wishing I could go back one full week ha. 

Really though, I have SOOO much to celebrate!! My semi-final round was at The Blues…Read more

I'm in Memphis! 

Hi from Memphis, Tennessee! I'm currently sitting in my hotel room, a couple blocks off Beale, with both the mighty Mississippi river and the Orpheum theatre in view.

I don't even really know where to begin. Every moment since I left home has been sort of a dream. The flight from Edmonton to Chicago was awesome - I ended up sitting in the same row with my friend John Armstrong! I've never taken a plane, by coincidence, with someone I know, let alone in the same row haha! My flight from Chicago to Memphis was…Read more

One More Sleep 

Hi! :) :) :)
BIGGEST thank you to the folks who packed the house in Edmonton's New Castle Pub last night. I was taken aback by the amount of dancers and listeners who were super enthusiastic and happy to be supporting Boogie Patrol and I on our adventure to the land of Tennessee. GEEZE last night was fun!! I am SO grateful! Here's a couple shots from last night's party: 

One more sleep. Goin' down tomorrow! I'll do my best to update as much as I can while I'm there. This is happening!
Thanks so much again for…Read more

Memphis Bound 

Happy New Year all!

EXCITING NEWS to announce!! In 4 days I'm going to be travelling down to  Beale Street in Memphis, representing Northern Alberta, to compete in the  30th annual International Blues Challenge! The competition takes place in the blues 'mecca' and is the largest blues competition in the entire world! There will be over 150 acts in 20 some clubs playing every night from Jan 22nd-25th representing blues societies from cities all over the globe..... I can't wait to walk outside (+15 degrees…Read more

Merry Christmas! 

I'm just about to pack up my bag and go home to my mum and dad's for the evening but thought I'd drop a line into the 'thai-ary' first. It's Christmas.. again! I know that time waits for nobody, but it's still hard to believe every time another Christmas drops by. I really enjoy yearly markers such as Christmas because I can't help reflect on everything that happened between each holiday. 

Like I wrote in my last note, "Downtown Toronto", I'm still living off the highs of the trip. I was SO fortunate to…Read more

Downtown Toronto 

Hello from Toronto!
I'm sitting in a coffee shop downtown Yonge street and college. Starting to get to know the street names/neighbourhoods in this big town. It's a lot different than home... food/shopping EVERYWHERE. This is my first time in the 'big smoke'.. and it's been amazing so far! My new friend, Richard Flohil, has given me red carpet treatment... he arranged to pick me up from the massive airport... took me straight off the plane to a concert (JD Edwards and his band!) in an underground salon…Read more

Lite on Demand!! 

Hi lovely readers!
It has been such an exciting day for me! This morning I received offical notice that I am one in ten artists chosen by Lite 95.7 FM in their Emerging Artist Spotlite program! What does this mean???? WELL!... It means that I have the opportunity to receive $10,000 to be spent on developing my career (ex: touring, recording, promotion, marketing, rehearsing, ETC!) and promotion on Lite 95.7 radio as well as their online stream! This money would help me launch and tour another full-length…Read more

Couch Concert Series (Spring 2013) - Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver 

Hey there folks,
I made it home - road problems free - from the Couch Concert Series through BC's beautiful terrain.
I'm gonna carry on speaking of the adventures....

Vancouver: I rolled into an early spring - somewhere between 16 and 20 degrees C. Tall, bright green grass. Lots of traffic. Drove over this bridge that had thick spider-like legs dangling from the sky. It was exciting entering one of Canada's most 'hip' towns and thinking about all the friends I've made that grew up in the very city I was…Read more
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