Dear Thai-ary

Couch Concert Series (Spring 2013) - Banff, Peachland, Kelowna 

Good afternoon beautiful readers!
I'm currently sitting in The Streaming Cafe which is a local coffee shop and live music venue - home to Kelowna. Round two of the Couch Concert Series has been different thus far than the one I journeyed on last April. But what can I expect when I'm contacting strangers and asking them to turn their home into a venue? Every household is so unique that making predictions on the outcome of a self-put-together house concert trip is useless haha.

I'm going to keep this brief…Read more

Breakfast Television 

Hey friendly readers!
Happy first day of spring. If you're reading this from outside of Edmonton I hope your first day entering the green season doesn't include biting winds and blizzard threats like my city does ha.

Was honoured to be featured on Breakfast Television this morning in promotion of my Edmonton Music Award nomination and my CD Release!! (My album MAY OR MAY NOT have arrived to my door a couple hours ago....!!!!) REALLY looking forward to the concert....! One month today!.... It was also the…Read more

Detour Photography 

About a month ago, the amazing and creative photographer Bri Vos, from Detour Photography, shot some pics of me in preparation for my CD release! We did the shoots at The Red Ox Inn, downtown's Mercer Tavern, and she even had me in her own home at the piano (which was the most fun because I just got to play piano and drink beer! :D)
Check out what we did together but also feel free to browse the rest of her website - she has really created some stunning work. Thank you soooo much Bri!!

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March Madness 

Hi! :)
It's March already! WHAT!?!?!??!?!?!??! And yes, for the basketball fans I made a reference to the NCAA craziness in the header. No, I'm not following it this year - but ONE year I did enter a pool and became obsessive over every game (so fun!). Anyways, these current March afternoon skies are grey... but bright. February paved a warm path for March to bring us spring! Yesterday I tied up my runners and came back happily muddy from the dirty puddles crowding the sidewalks!

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New Year - New Album! 

Hello folks!
Happy New Years! I know we are twenty minutes away from fumbling through February but I sincerely wish that everybody has had a joyful start to 2013! 
I just got home from singing in a quaint Italian wine bar and thought I'd update the ol' "thai-ary" with some plans that have been marinating. 

My biggest announcement is the release of the album that I spent the last few months of 2012 recording and co-producing. You're invited: APRIL 20TH, 2013 in Edmonton's downtown theatre in the basement…Read more

Studio Pics! 



Adam Dearden on drums - adding extra percussion|
Stew Kirkwood - magic man|
Paul Bergeron - involved in the project during every stage|

I'm soo lucky.

Still Chippin' Away 

Good morning December :)

It's been a while since I have spoke through the ol' "Thai-ary".. 
The last couple of months have been blanketed by the journey of creating the album. The bulk of it is completed - meaning, the rhythm section and vocals are finished! Over thanksgiving weekend, Adam (drums!), Paul (bass!), and I spent hours underground with Stew Kirkwood working hard at layin' down the tunes. I'm not sure if I can recall any other time in my life where I had to find a balance between feeling…Read more

"Recorda Me" 


October is going to be spent in this secluded and beautiful room underground in Stew Kirkwood's studio Sound Extractor. I am SO excited to FINALLY be recording my first full-length album! Adam, Paul, and I have been jamming, rehearsing, and really delving into the heart of each of my tunes throughout September so we may enter the studio as prepared as possible. I arrived to the studio late last night, after a full day of teaching, to four busy people setting up microphones and building forts…Read more

Good Morning Autumn.... 

As the leaves begin to change colour, so do I. September invites us to nurture the farewells to warmth and greenery and embrace the coming of crisp air and bright skies; September reminds us that change is inevitable but the loss of summer will only be temporarily felt. The gold in the trees suggests that life is a ring and the beautiful falling of leaves only prepare us for the coming of spring again. It is difficult to leave behind summer and all that it brings, but through accepting autumn we are enabled…Read more
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