Dear Thai-ary

July Tour - The Happenin's 

The boys and I made it home last night! I apologize for my lack of update during the tour - half the time it was hard to find internet service and the other half of time was spent setting up for the show or exploring the town we were in, but I will give a brief about each of the unique spots we played in for those interested in reading!

Banff: Adam, Paul, and I left our GLORIOUS hotel in Kaslo to trek back over the mountains into Banff, however, we learned a good lesson that google maps and GPS don't add…Read more

July Tour - Kaslo 

We made it! 11-12 hour trek - I expected the boys and I to be rather drowsy near the end of the road trip, but the road leading into Kaslo was two hours of dense forestry winding us over cliff-like terrain - it's impossible to feel sleepy in such beauty! British Columbia is breathtaking. My favourite part of the roadtrip was when we got to stretch our legs on the ferry. It took us to what we felt was going to be an island haha! We checked into Kaslo's motel in a CRAZY downpour and set up some of our gear to…Read more

July Tour Eve 

Tomorrow morning...
My band and I are packing the jeep....
Our first tour!
Day one is a 12 hour drive to Kaslo for their Canada Day Weekend Festival.
I've been told to expect "low-key and funky" vibes. 

Adam, Paul, and I still have yet to discover if everything is going to fit in the vehicle... if not, it's gonna be tough to decide who to leave home (joke!). I will be sleeping with my fingers crossed though..

I've had such a fun lead up this past week to tour - riding the highs of…Read more

Couch Concert Series - Heffley Lake 

My last concert for the tour was held on the property of two very excited and welcoming hosts! Their house is located right in the heart of two lakes, luscious foresty area, and beautiful hills. Absolutely stunning. I know I've been mentioning food a lot throughout my couch concert "thaiary".. but.. wow... especially for one that doesn't eat meat - there were mountains of creative and delicious dishes shared and brought by all the guests! There is something to be said about enjoying an evening with a full…Read more

Couch Concert Series - Kamloops 

HI! Not much time to type... but Kamloops.. so far.. has been AWESOME. Outstanding host (Justin!) - house was packed... big potluck... colourful spotlight... happy faces! Couldn't have wished for a better audience to help create a real venue out of a Kamloops house for the evening :)

Have my first (and only) "day off" today... went MOUNTAIN BIKING through Kamloops' terrain... 
Very wild.

Going to a bike premiere at the university with my host and a bunch of his friends who are deemed to be at…Read more

Couch Concert Series - Revelstoke and Vernon 

Hello again folks!
The adventures of my couch concert series are still happening at a rapid pace. It's been very interesting being my own "boss" but also adapting to life events that I'm not in control of. On Tuesday afternoon, after I left my Kelowna hosts' home, I still had no place to sleep or play for that evening. But through the connections I had made from the previous night I was able to find a house in Revelstoke to last-minute play a show for. I was greeted very warmly by possibly the coolest…Read more

Couch Concert Series - Kelowna 

So last night was my first musical venture into my Okanagen Couch Concert Series. The drive from Calary to Kelowna was outraeously beautiful. The mountains were very humbling to drive through; Canada is so pretty. I was preparing myself mentally for a long, brooding trip but to be honest, I could have kept driving for another 8 hours! Anyways, when I finally arrived to the house I was playing at I was welcomed with extreme friendliess by a young couple doing fungi research for their PHDs at the university…Read more

Pre-Couch Concert Series 

Good evening friends!
I'm writing a note to share with you the exciting project I've been recently working on.

Tomorrow I'm going to embark on what I've titlted my "Couch Concert Series!".... I've been conversing with extremely kind folks over the past few weeks setting up this Couch Concert Tour. The idea is to play a different house each night, with the host inviting their friends/family/neighbours/colleagues/WHOEVER into their home for me to have a unique audience to sing for in exchange for donations…Read more

Spring Tingles! 

Happy Spring!
Slept until the sun was high..... went for my first outdoor run since last November - up the road that makes a border around the Edmonton Folk Festival hill.... gonna wear a pink dress...... think I'll spend the leftovers of daylight on whyte avenue.

I love spring!
I hope new seeds are being planted in everybody's gardens :)

Much love,

p.s. I also wanted to thank Grant Stovel and Daryl Richie for including my trio and I on the Alberta Backstage Series Program through CKUA Radio…Read more

International Songwriting Competition 

Good afternoon!
So.. typically I am morally against the idea of "competitions".. "battle of the bands"... "contest".. etc as a musician..... Music is so completely subjective and displays an incredible amount of honesty and vulnerability that I don't believe in the idea of creating a structure where musicians are compared and competing. HOWEVER - I offhandedly submitted a track to the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) last September due to the fact that there's a chance my music could be heard by…Read more
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