Dear Thai-ary

Birthday Bliss! 

On Saturday - it was my birthday. I'm officially fully submerged into the "early twenties" - feels awesome!.... This post is merely to reflect upon how grateful I am to have SOO many beautiful people in my life! Ummm... I am EASILY the luckiest girl on the planet. All day I was surprised and treated and loved by family members, old friends, new ones, snowflakes, mini eggs, blues music, wine, and dancing! Geeze! Also, a special thank you to Holger Peterson for playing a song of mine in his "Natch'l Blues"…Read more

Fancying February 

Good morning!
Actually - I should say good afternoon as I was up at 6am joining the glorious indoor world of YMCA workouts (yes - I have still been going!).
I just wanted to write a note sharing my excitement for the upcoming week! Tomorrow evening, my band and I will be performing a show that has been booked for nearly 10 months. It's my first show in my hometown, and I will be playing the same piano that I heard Oliver Jones dazzle in October 2010! It's going to be an interesting dynamic because the…Read more

Treadmill Trials 

I did it - 6 am this morning (I don't think I have risen before the sun in centuries)... went to the YMCA and bought a one month ticket to Endorphin Surplus. I was excited at first.... it feels good to chase the day at an early hour, but as I entered the gym... I became overwhelmed. SO many high-tech machines with SO many high-tech people using them - at full speed... apparently it's common to be up at 5:30 to sweat until you drop! I've always believed exercise to be free - no? As an out-door runner since…Read more

5am Thought Trails... 

Sometimes you can take things so far you can never go back...
But if you never take them far enough you'll have nothing to back you up.


Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday Dad!
The strength in your steps have lightened the weight in mine.

Love you!


Good morning December!

A couple weeks ago, when we had our first coldsnap, I was wearing a brand new/homemade scarf a friend made for me. I loved it - it was boasting my favourite colour (pink!) and was incredibly warm! But somehow... when I was walking back home from a grocery trip... it fell off.. and I lost it... 

However, a few days ago - I saw my scarf pinned to a tree on my block! Instead of stealing it or letting it waste under the weather, a very kind person decided to put it up for me have it…Read more

Live Interview News 

Hello folks!
I wanted to share with you all that a live interview will be aired with Peter Brown on CBC Radio One (93.9FM for the Edmonton locals!) this Saturday. CBC is celebrating their 75th anniversary - I feel blessed to take part in appreciating and honouring this national station through sharing my music and words. So, if you're hibernating from the drooping temperatures this weekend, I invite you to listen in to The Key of A between 5 and 6pm!


Sittin' on Saturday 

Hi friends!
Thanks for visitin' me at my site here. I'm excited to have a way of sharing my thoughts and news with you.

But for now: It's November... neighbour is currently cutting his grass.. beautiful lazy afternoon... home-brewed coffee... might venture onto the territories of whyte ave later on.

That's all for now!
Much love, 
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