1. Monkey

From the album Lady Flower


I'm just a monkey in a tree,
I'm swinging freely, moving to every branch that I see.
When you come along, then I fall down.
Now I'm just a monkey laying on the ground.

You are like a lion, you're king of the wild.
You roam around, you boss around, you don't take the time,
To think about the monkeys who are laying on the ground.
Why would you? You're king all around

Oh-oh if life is a cage then I'm
Caught between love and rage
Oh-oh (scat)

-solo breaks!-

You are so charming, yeah you had me charmed.
You had me spinning, twisting, summersaulting on my front yard.
At the edge of the lot, I stood up and I thought
that maybe it's time that I fought.

So tonight you'll be the dish and I'll be the spoon.
I'm gonna stir you up and mash you up until your plate is ruined.
You were once the gourmet meal and you were served with wine.
I guess I showed you two can dine.

Oh-oh if life is a meal then you have
Paid the cheque and I've learned how to deal.
Oh-oh (scat)