Coffee Shakes

Well, I'm sitting here in downtown Brandon, MB typing like a cheetah sprinting at full tilt because I just od'd on coffee. That's what I get for chugging, I suppose. But I am feeling GREAT and am BACK on the road! This time, I am going farther and longer than any other tour to date. It's pretty exciting to view this large maple leaf country through the window of my civic with my piano in tow.

First show on tour was two evenings ago in a 100 yr old church in the quaint little town of Wadena, SK. Beautiful acoustics in the church. Big thank you and hugs go out to Don who is a major live music enthusiast and who makes a mean bowl of veggie soup! Wadena won my heart yesterday morning when I stopped at the gas station and a man seemed to appear, like a mirage out of one of the surrounding fields, just in time to offer to fill my tank for me! Then, as I was paying, the gas station lady handed me over 2 free donuts. Good on ya, Wadena!

Last night I played in this gorgeous venue called Lady of The Lake in Brandon, MB. There were chandeliers dripping from the ceiling, a large bench with gold and silver trimmed pillows spilling over it, an enthusiastic staff, and a very keen audience including several swing dancers that twirled throughout the night. This is a GEM of a venue and I can't wait to come back! Thank you to the family of Wes, Miranda, and Kaleigh for your generosity.

I'm off to Winnipeg to enjoy the sounds from the BreakOut West Conference for a few days. Some friends of mine have rented out a mansion that used to be an old hostel. I'll be callin' it home for a couple nights!

My computer is dying and I want one of the saskatoon scones that keep wafting in my direction - so I'm off.

Thank you very much for reading!


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  • Johnny BE

    Johnny BE New Paltz

    Miss you. LMK when yer commin to the States. BTW....Arthur's girl dumped him. So he;s available. ;)

    Miss you. LMK when yer commin to the States. BTW....Arthur's girl dumped him. So he;s available. wink

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