Couch Concert Series (Spring 2013) - Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver

Hey there folks,
I made it home - road problems free - from the Couch Concert Series through BC's beautiful terrain.
I'm gonna carry on speaking of the adventures....

Vancouver: I rolled into an early spring - somewhere between 16 and 20 degrees C. Tall, bright green grass. Lots of traffic. Drove over this bridge that had thick spider-like legs dangling from the sky. It was exciting entering one of Canada's most 'hip' towns and thinking about all the friends I've made that grew up in the very city I was finally entering. I arrived to Alyssa's (my host) and her five roommates humble abode off Slocan Street. I immediately felt at home there, discovering that Alyssa and I have mutual friends - the world continues to become smaller the more I climb into the art's world. Alyssa had posted my concert on the couchsurfing network so her doors became open to people from Thailand, India, Russia, Vietnam... everywhere! I had an international audience in a Vancouver household! It's amazing how far music can travel... I was given the opportunity to learn more about other cultures but also had the opportunity to offer a feeling of community to the ones foreign to Canada. It was humbling and inspiring. Alyssa's friends are also largely involved within Vancouver's theatre community so I felt at home hanging with a crowd of young artists. Thanks for your couch you guys - and for nurturing a "be yourself" atmosphere. 

Whistler: I had no show for this date. However... last minute, I wound up playing a show for 50-60 people in the manager's home of RUSH, Matthew Good, and (I believe) Van Halen - sponsored by Whister's local brewery. It was fuckin' crazy. Sam (my host) and his friend Adam opened up the evening with intense acoustic guitar and songs dealing with loss and life. Then I played for the snowboarders and travellers on the stage that myself and a couple guys made out of this 400 pound coffee table. It was easily one of the highlights of the tour. So many awesome and funny people! When I talked earlier about the mansion in Peachland.... I would describe this house as a palace... but warmer than the images I think of when i think of palace. I was gifted a king size bed to dream in... another personal bathroom with a shower the size of my Edmonton bedroom.... the whole night was honestly some sort of unthinkable happening that.. happened! Sam, I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and generosity. I really enjoyed our conversations and revelled in your passion for life. Such a cool night.. wow.

Vancouver: Back to Vancouver! I LOVED the road from Whistler to Vancouver... it winds around the shoulder of the mountains and up the arm of the ocean... and it must be the most pretty road in all of Canada. I drove to the cozy living room of Lori's in New Westminster. Her friends slowly trickled in all night offering vegetarian snacks and interesting conversation. Again, I felt myself connecting with complete strangers with talk about hope, food, art, spirituality, religion, escape.... I cannot believe how many beautiful people I've had the opportunity to connect with over journeys such as this Couch Concert Series. This particular evening might have been my favourite to share my music with (tough call though haha!) because I felt the most shared energy between the listeners and I. The intimacy within a house concert fosters vulnerability from both myself and the ones listening. Lori.. thank you soo much for the wine, the bed, and the picnic for the road home. You are so kind and I appreciate your fun and high energy flair!

The trek from Vancouver to Edmonton the next day was much more do-able than I had predicted. I do think, though, that I would enjoy it more in the summer when the hills are bright instead of brown from winter's leftovers. Quick supper stop in Jasper. CKUA's Friday night blues show down the yellowhead trail welcoming me home. 

I cannnot thank all the individuals that were part of my Couch Concert Series Spring 2013. The positive energy!! The generosity! It was a special week and has definitely given me good reason to do it again. I will see all of you in the near future - all my love to you guys!

Thanks for keeping posted.
Love, JT

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