July Tour Eve

Tomorrow morning...
My band and I are packing the jeep....
Our first tour!
Day one is a 12 hour drive to Kaslo for their Canada Day Weekend Festival.
I've been told to expect "low-key and funky" vibes. 

Adam, Paul, and I still have yet to discover if everything is going to fit in the vehicle... if not, it's gonna be tough to decide who to leave home (joke!). I will be sleeping with my fingers crossed though..

I've had such a fun lead up this past week to tour - riding the highs of this year's North Country Fair, Edmonton's blue skies, jams with the boys, and whyte ave beers!

This is gonna be so much fun!
I'll keep you folks posted on the whatsa-whersa-howsa-bouts over the next couple weeks!


p.s. For tour dates please visit "shows" under the main header 

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